About Termina & Lexica

November 30, 2009

Termina & Lexica – A Journal of Terminology and Lexicography in Africa (T&L) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by Interglossia Africana. Designed as a free access online journal, T & L is dedicated to relevant issues in the areas of terminology with  particular focus on African perpectives.

T&L welcomes high-quality and original manuscripts on the challenges and opportunities presented by either bilingual or monolingual terminology and lexicography in Africa.   The objectives of the journal are to:

  • promote quality publications at little or no cost;
  • foster locally adapted terminologies, glossaries, lexicons and dictionaries;
  • encourage investigations on the history, theory and practice and teaching of terminology and lexicography in Africa;
  • encourage research on and effective use of appropriate technology tools in the areas of terminology and lexicography in Africa;
  • encourage discussions on terminological standardisation;
  • examine the relationship between terminology, lexicography and multilingualism;
  • provide informed advice on relevant opportunities and events in the areas of terminology and lexicography;
  • etc.

For information on the submission of manuscripts, please read the

T&L style sheet.